WUMC Music Ministry

Windcrest United Methodist is blessed with a very
active music department.


The first Sunday of Advent is like a wake-up call. It’s like a jolt of caffeine, or the shock of cold water being poured on us. Another year has passed. Time is flying. Life is short. Are you awake?

The early Christians believed that Jesus would return in their lifetime. Many scriptures were written with that perspective in mind. The Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour. So keep awake. Be mindful. Be watchful. Be vigilant. Be ready. Christ is coming soon and that might mean right now. Christ comes among us in word and sacrament, in the gift of community, in the face of a stranger, in the priceless gifts in each moment.

Christ is coming. Christ is here! Are you awake?
*Adapted from Soli Deo Gloria by Craig M. Mueller


Musicians are accustomed to living with paradox. We struggle to learn difficult music, yet our goal is to master it so it will sound easy. We sing of unity—by singing different parts. We sing music that was composed centuries ago, and then open our mouths to proclaim, “Oh, sing unto the Lord a new song.”

We worship One whose life was the ultimate of all paradoxes. This shepherd/lamb, master/servant, God/human brought heaven’s way to earth, raised the powerless above the powerful, and died in order to live forever.

In all that we do, singing or playing in worship or in every day lives, Jesus calls on us to be humble. Another paradox. If we feel pride for our accomplishment, then how can we serve with humility?

Focusing on God is the first step toward true humility. When we think of God’s amazing goodness and compare it to our own, we suffer in comparison. When we open our eyes to the plights of others, we are better able to put our own
difficulties in perspective. We are reminded that giving is receiving, that forgiving is renewing, that dying is living.

Closing with the words of an anonymous eighth-century hymnwriter:

Oh, let your mighty love prevail to purge us of
our pride,
That we may stand before your throne by mercy
purified. Amen.

*Adapted from Soli Deo Gloria by Wayne L. Wold

Music and worship survey. Nadine Mansour, Praise Director and Becky Fair, Music Director are surveying the congregation to gather musical talents, favorite hymns and songs, and worship ideas.

Please complete this survey for you and your family. Thank you for your time and participation.

The Chancel Choir - Click for more information
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An Early Bird Choir sings at the 9:00 am worship service, with rehearsals at 8:00 am.
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For all of these groups, please contact Music Director Becky Fair

Praise Team
Rehearses Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm. Performs at the 11:00 am Contemporary Service on Sundays.

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